Lin Wolfe

We have been customers of 220 Marketing since Oct – early Nov of 2013. All of the personnel at 220, both in sales and marketing, have been great. Steven, however, continues to exceed our expectations.

Our learning curve has been nothing but monumental. My colleague has updated computer skills but is the producer for our small branch so I am tasked with getting our website up and running, including the weekly blog and Facebook responsibilities. Even though marketing was my background, my last job before early retirement was working for a state agency managing 450 employees. I had not been in the marketing field when social media came on the scene and obviously did not have it in my tool kit when I took on this new work.

Steven has been patient and attentive with my numerous and repetitive questions. He moves through my weekly checklist with a relaxed and cheerful demeanor. He knows how to keep my stress level in check so I can remain focused on his instructions with minimal sweating. He is not afraid to recommend/suggest a change in priorities or direction. He is dedicated to helping us create the most productive website possible.

We have adopted him as a member of our branch and tease him that we are his favorite clients. Yet, we do consider him an indispensable member of our team and he treats us as if we are his only clients. That is customer service.

We just wanted you to know how much we appreciate Steven and how well he represents the professionalism of 220 Marketing.

Best Regards,

Lin Wolfe
All Western Mortgage Pacific NW Branch

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